Who is Snom Technology GmbH?


Snom, founded in Berlin in 1997 and based there ever since, is considered a pioneer in the field of IP telephony.
Originally a start-up, Snom has grown into a multinational company who is the manufacturer of the first and leading brand of IP telephones for the professional and corporate sector.  Today, Snom is a cosmopolitan, international company with offices in Manchester, Milan, Madrid, Paris and Pretoria.

What makes Snom different?

Snom is a premium European brand that is known as a pioneer in the mass production of VoIP products "Engineered in Germany". At our Berlin site alone, we have team members from more than 22 nations. And we are proud of our female share of over 30%. With our own international offices, we can offer our business partners support in their respective languages.

Who manages the company?

Gernot Sagl studied Business Administration at the University of Graz and has held various positions in Finance, Controlling, Logistics and Purchasing in different industries during his career so far. After more than seven years in management positions at Berlin-based Beta Systems Software AG, he became CEO of Snom Technology GmbH in July 2016.

Is Snom independent?

With the takeover by the VTech Group at the end of 2016, we became part of a large international, publicly listed enterprise with over 30,000 employees, which gave us enormous resources and opportunities to invest in new future technologies and innovations. Thanks to our owners' principle of "we believe in local management", we have nevertheless remained largely independent.

Having production in-house gives us great flexibility to respond to customer needs quickly and easily.


Did you know ...

  • ... that Snom employs people from more than 22 different nations?
  • ... that defective Snom phones are usually repaired in an environmentally friendly way and not immediately replaced with new ones?
  • ... that there are more than 7 million Snom phones installed worldwide?
  • ... that Snom has its own audio lab to optimise the acoustics of the devices?
  • ... that your logo can be displayed on Snom phones?
  • ... that the largest Snom DECT installation in the UK was owned by a pig farmer?
  • ... that many large hospitals rely on the reliability of Snom DECT systems?
  • ... that Snom employees are between 22 and 69 years old?
  • ... that a Snom phone is used for an average of 10 years??
  • ... that Snom phones have been cast for Hollywood movies?
  • ... that our image film was shot with real Snom colleagues?

Snom in a nutshell:

With a diversified product portfolio of high quality IP solutions, Snom aims not only to offer the best IP phones in the world, but also to meet the needs of users in all industries.


In our desk phone product range, we offer a choice between different designs with mostly identical qualitative and functional features. Depending on the model, the features of the individual telephones differ, but the quality of the materials remains the same.


Our mobile DECT systems are ideal for all those who frequently move within or between different buildings and still need to be reachable. We offer DECT solutions both for use in smaller environments (doctors' surgeries, laboratories) or for large installations (hospitals, entire office buildings).


Thanks to our audio conference solutions, holding meetings with participants in different locations is quick and easy.


Our phones are compatible with the most popular PBX systems.

Our outstanding audio technology meets the highest standards. Over the years, thanks to our experience in the field of acoustics, we have constantly improved the audio quality of our devices by combining the latest DSP algorithms and eliminating characteristic difficulties such as network delays, network packet loss and noise.

Snom offers superior quality that is developed in Germany.

Our Snom software offers the business user a large amount of useful features for everyday and special use. Since its very first release, Snom's firmware has been constantly and continuously developed, always with a focus on interoperability with a wide range of IT service providers and a wide range of Internet telephony platforms. With advances in technology, you can be confident that Snom is always among the first to offer these latest features on their phones.




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