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Flexible renting instead of buying

The financing of modern and high-quality hardware often makes up a significant part of an IP telephony project, be it when starting up a new company or switching from analogue telephony to VoIP or even when expanding the number of employees or business premises.

Investments in IT infrastructure are of great importance for many companies in their daily business in order to remain competitive. The ability to plan investments is therefore an essential factor.

For exactly these problems we offer a solution with Snom as a Service: A flexible rental model with which high, one-off investment costs can be avoided and companies can still benefit from the latest VoIP technology. At the same time, Snom as a Service offers a high degree of planning security, as only a monthly fee for the use of the phones needs to be calculated. This offers easier financial planning and also makes it possible to set up the infrastructure expansion more generously.

Unbeatable benefits of
Snom as a Service

In general, a switch to VoIP-based solutions can save small businesses of up to 45 per cent per month compared to traditional telephone services.
Snom as a Service is a great solution to make such a switch because it is flexible, often very fiscally efficient, it provides access to the latest technologies and it is effective.

Investment protection:

No high investments


The number of telephones can be adjusted in the course of the rental period


Provision and replacement of the latest Snom products

This is how simple Snom as a Service works


Snom has signed contracts with a number of selected technology partners

The Reseller selects a technology partner

These two conclude a service contract.

The reseller receives the corresponding products from the technology partner

The reseller delivers and installs these products at the end customer's premises.

Every 48 months, the technology partner replaces the Snom phones with current devices on request.

End customers turn to a trusted reseller for advice.

The reseller takes care of everything else (delivery & installation).

Why should reseller and service providers use SaaS?

  • Investment protection:
    No large investment sums, but simply order the required number of products flexibly according to customer requirements for rental.

  • Flexibility:
    If the supervised company expands or shrinks - simply rent or return additional equipment.

  • Progressiveness:
    Always the most modern products for the customers through a contractually defined time of replacement of the products used.

Why end customers should use SaaS?

  • Investment protection:
    An acceleration of investments in the company, as the capital is not tied to high upfront costs and budgeting is easy to calculate.

  • Flexibility:
    Exactly the number of IP phones needed are provided. And the option to add or return products as requirements change.

  • Progressiveness:
    The most modern products are provided and replaced after a contractually defined time.

  • Financial viability:
    The rental costs as expenses can be financed more quickly through the operating process instead of lending money or taking it away from other projects.

  • Solvency:
    The rental costs as expenses make it easier to calculate the cash flow instead of building up liabilities over the course of the project.



Our technology partners


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These Snom products are available for rent

Snom D8xx series


The Snom D8xx series is our most modern telephone series, in which we have combined all our visions for the future. In addition to the particularly elegant design, with elements made of brushed metal in "gunmetal" look, the continuously swivelling display is the feature of this series. It combines the advantages of the many predecessor series and expands them with a multitude of new, sophisticated functions.

Snom D7xx series


The Snom D7xx series is our international bestseller and features the globally popular "standing" design. This series and its expansion module are available in both black and white. Apart from that, the D7xx series is completely identical to the D3xx series.

Snom D3xx series


The Snom D3xx series is designed in the most popular European design. The D3xx series differs from the D7xx series mainly in its "horizontal" design, which usually offers additional space for more BLF keys. Due to this shape and thus lower overall height, the devices of this series fit comfortably under any monitor.


Snom C520-WiMi


Thanks to modern DECT and Bluetooth technology, our Snom C520-WiMi is the perfect companion for conferences. It has three microphones. One microphone is built into the base unit with the full-duplex loudspeaker and the two other, cordless, DECT microphones can be placed freely in the room or worn. The Snom C520-WiMi can be extended as required to cover larger rooms. To do this, simply connect the Snom C52-SP extension speakers wirelessly to the base unit.


Snom M-series


The M-series is the most comprehensive of Snom's DECT series, which in addition to telephone devices (bases and handsets) also includes a dedicated headset and an asset tracking solution (localisation).


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