Snom Technology is one of the most trusted companies


The F.A.Z. Institut für Management-, Markt- und Medieninformationen, in collaboration with the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research, has surveyed the trustworthiness of around 18,000 companies from various sectors of the economy throughout Germany.

Snom Technology is rated as one of two most highly trusted hardware manufacturers.

Awarded July 2023

In the current survey "Highly Trusted Companies 2023", Snom Technology GmbH, a globally established and leading company in the telecommunications industry, has been recognised as one of the outstanding companies that customers in Germany and beyond can trust.

The certificate emphasises Snom Technology's exceptional commitment to customer trust and excellence in the areas of

  • management,
  • efficiency,
  • sustainability,
  • product & service
  • and as an employer.

The survey, conducted by the prestigious Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung publishing group in collaboration with the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research, analysed the data of extensive social listening which recorded and evaluated about 14 million mentions of companies in the period from 16 June, 2022 to 15 June, 2023. The award of the "Highly Trusted Companies" certificate is based on an industry-specific point value calculation on a scale of 0 to 100 points. The company that achieves the highest score in its industry sets the benchmark. Companies with at least 60 points in the overall ranking receive the award. Of the roughly 18,000 German companies, only about 900 were awarded.

A successful business relationship is based on customer trust. Companies need to gain the trust of their customers to build long-term relationships and win loyalty. This poses a major challenge in markets with a large number of suppliers and products. Snom Technology received this prestigious award precisely because of its outstanding achievements and extraordinary commitment to its customers, who then place their trust in the brand. The data security guaranteed by Snom, including the storage of all customer data on servers in Germany in accordance with the strictest specifications - something that is not ensured by other manufacturers - also contributed to this result.

Gernot Sagl, CEO of Snom Technology GmbH, expressed his delight at the award:
“We are proud to have received this award, the core message of which coincides with the results of our customer surveys over the past years – we feel an obligation to our customers, even after purchasing one of our products. This award is therefore a recognition of our team commitment to generating and maintaining customer trust.”

Snom Technology GmbH shall continue to strive to exceed customer expectations and establish itself as a trusted partner in the telecommunications industry.

About the survey "Highly Trusted Companies 2023"

The survey "Highly Trusted Companies 2023" was conducted by the F.A.Z. Institute in collaboration with the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research. The survey analysed data from extensive social listening to identify companies that customers particularly trust. The "Highly Trusted Company" award was given on the basis of industry-specific point value calculations.


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