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"People are the most important resource in the company."

Have you heard that somewhere? You may or may not think so, but what does it mean for work, specifically in our context?

We are not people who just push paper from A to B (even if it is part of it from time to time). We flourish when it's about YOU. We listen when you need us. We are there when you want support and want to develop and express your diverse skills on the job. We offer you structure and support in your development - professionally as well as for your personality. We love to cheer you on as you develop with us and are not afraid to give you feedback on challenging issues.


HR stands for the facilitation of individual development as well as fairness within our teams.

We know from our experiences in our own lives and in our wonderful work as human resource managers that it is deeply in the nature of people to want to move on and develop. That's why it gives meaning to our work that we can support you on your way by seeing YOU...

…as the most important person that you are.


We are delighted to be your HR team.

Grit Endter

Head of HR

+49 30 39833 - 0


Sarah Remus

Office Management

+49 30 39833 - 0


Grit Endter

There are people who are fascinated by programming to solve a problem creatively and pragmatically, some like to design a plan, others feel comfortable in the midst of numbers. I love to meet the unexpected, to get to know people, to be surprised by them, when at first I could not guess what they are capable of and what they are interested in.

There it is - my job, where I found that.

Look forward to conversations in which you can show yourself as you are, in which we get to know each other with our wishes and topics - only in this way can a workplace offer what belongs to a satisfied life balance. That's what I stand for with my work and that's what Snom stands for as an employer.

Oh, the question about hobbies: There it remains surprising, namely when I move from place to place during long-distance hiking and the path never seems to end. For me, that is a luxury that lets me feel life in a very elementary way. I'll tell you about dancing next time...

Sarah Remus

Structure, organisation and a clear process are the basics for the recruiting process. All this is important, but it sounds a bit boring, doesn't it? I think so too. That's why I have made it my speciality to inject lightness coupled with cordiality into the process. Because that is exactly my talent and my passion! So I can not only offer you an authentic Snom experience, but also make my own heart beat faster.

My name is Sarah and I am in the privileged situation of not only being the good soul at Snom who organises the office and offers our employees a home office experience, but also to grow into the HR team with my organisational talents and human flair: learning by doing and supporting online to develop / live out my passions, especially in recruiting.

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey to and at Snom, where you too can experience contributing and growing your unique skills in a variety of ways.

I'm happy to share my learning experiences and my thirst for knowledge with you. Just come along on my personal journey through the HR world at Snom.

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