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We at Snom see it as our responsibility to make our own contribution to the preservation of our earth. Already in 2019, we have formed a project group that deals with the topic of environmental protection.

This project group has examined all areas at Snom for potential for change, and this includes not only our products and packaging, but also our offices and thus our general day-to-day work.

Green actions

Save power with Snom phones

Telephones in the office usually know two modes, idle and active. In idle mode, the display is usually only slightly less bright, but is far from off.

Conversely, the display lights up in the active state as brightly as it was set.

Thanks to the ambient light sensor, the Snom D717 can be set to adapt to the brightness, but also to the darkness. So if you turn off the office lights after work, the Snom D717 display will also turn off completely, saving a lot of power.


Save packaging material and avoid plastic

In product management, the project and its goal were gladly taken up and became a project close to the heart of the team leader. As a result, the packaging was reduced significantly in general and all packaging materials were changed from plastic to paper. By the way, the Snom device packaging has been pure, unvarnished, brown cardboard boxes for many years, which are particularly easy to recycle.

Through this change in packaging, Snom has succeeded in saving approximately 1.5 t of packaging plastic in Germany alone within the year 2021. This has not only saved waste but also a lot of resources.


Snom takes the spade in hand

To set another example and contribute to environmental protection, Snom, represented by the colleagues from Berlin, lovingly and personally, took up the spade together with Plant my Tree since 2021, every year in Berlin's surrounding countryside and has already planted over 5,000 trees.


Changes in the office space

In everyday office life, packaging waste from snacks and other foodstuffs accumulates every day, just like everywhere else. Cardboard and paper have always been separated and disposed of in our dispatch department. But a few years ago, the offices and the kitchen were only equipped with the usual "one" wastepaper basket or bin.

We changed this in 2019. Since then, there is a second, real "waste paper basket" in every office, at least for paper, and there is also a yellow bin in the kitchen for packaging waste.

This is how we contribute to environmental protection every day, thanks to waste separation.


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