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Snom desk phones are 100% customisable. Besides the possibility to customise the phone user interface (PUI) of a Snom desk phone, i.e. screen backgrounds, individual ring tones and menu structures, you can also physically customise some models to your wishes. It is possible, for example, to change a logo or key labelling, or to individually order any plastic part, from the housing to the handset to the telephone cable according to your wishes.


(Almost) anything can be changed on a Snom phone.




UI personalisation

All elements of the user interface of your Snom phone can be changed.


Corporate branding of the phone

Individual printing and delivery in any desired colour are possible.


UI personalisation

(Software customisation)

With the introduction of the first firmware V10 a few years ago, there were numerous innovations, among others, the user interface of the phones (PUI) can now be fully customised. The colour and transparency values of all elements of the user interface as well as all visible symbols and images as well as colours can be changed. These extensive configuration options in turn make it possible to create one's own custom designs that fit the company and thus brand identity.



Since the major update of our SRAPS Service, it is also possible to configure these customisations remotely and, if desired, apply them automatically to each new phone configured in SRAPS.

Title bars

The title bar contains, among other things, the date and time as well as all important status icons. Readability therefore plays an important role. You can individually adjust both the background colour and its transparency value. You can also choose the colour of the font.


Selection line

You use the selection line both on the main screen to display your own SIP identity and when navigating through the telephone settings. You can customise both the background colour and its transparency value. You can also choose the colour of the font.


Display keys

The so-called "soft keys", i.e. the software-controlled labels in the display, of the physical keys positioned below change depending on the state. These keys are equipped with standard icons. You can replace these icons with your own icons. In addition, you can customise both the background colour and the transparency value of the line at the bottom of the display.


Screen background

The wallpaper in particular can contribute a lot to an individual overall concept. Therefore, you have the option of linking an image or uploading your own image to your phone.



Corporate Branding of the phone

(Hardware change)

A telephone is nothing more than a communication tool? Not at all, it can be (almost) as individually designed as a business card or colour-coordinated with the rest of the business or office equipment.

For this purpose, devices of the Snom D1xx, D3xx, D7xx and D8xx series can be extensively adapted to your taste and needs. This means that you can basically get all the housing parts of the phones in a colour of your choice or have them made with separate labelling of the keys - the choice is yours!

For most models of the Snom D7xx and D8xx series, you can also have your own logo printed (instead of the Snom logo) from a small quantity.

Snom is only limited as far as the outer shape of the housing is concerned - everything else is up to you.


Own Logo

If you wish, you can have your own logo printed instead of the Snom logo. With the basic package, this is only possible on the glossy border of the display. Starting with the Medium package, the placement is possible everywhere. The logo is delivered as a vectorised file and can be printed in CMYK and Pantone.


Individually label keys

If you wish to have the keys inscribed, e.g. in Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese or for a special purpose, e.g. in a hotel, this is possible.


Casing & receiver in desired colours

If you would also like to have your Snom phone in your own colour, e.g. in the company or club colours, this is also possible.

Snom customisation packages

For corporate branding of desk phones, Snom offers its customers with the 3 customisation packages the possibility to design some phones of the Snom D1xx, D3xx, D7xx and D8xx series as they wish.
The basic package is only available for the Snom D713, D717, D735, D785, D862 and D865 models.


Basic package

(Individual logo) *

Minimum order quantity:
50 pieces/model


Package details:

  • Place your "own logo" or lettering on the display glass around the main display


*Only available for Snom D713, D717, D735, D785, D862 and D865 models

Medium package

(Customised print)

Minimum order quantity:
1,500 pieces/model


Package details:

  • Place your "own logo" or lettering on the phone
  • Determine the colour of the plastic border of the transparent display
  • Individualise the complete front print and the "labelling of the keys"
  • You can choose your own product name

Advanced package

(Customised design)

Minimum order quantity:
3,500 pieces/model


Package details:

  • All options of the "Medium Package" included
  • In addition, you can get the "Cases & receivers in your desired colours"

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