Mobile audio conference for your desk phone

Connecting Snom C52-SP and Snom A230 DECT Dongle

Are you looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-install and portable audio conferencing solution? Then take a closer look at the solution presented here.
The Snom C52-SP was originally intended to be used as an extension for the Snom C520-WiMi Audio conference device, but thanks to the now additionally available Snom A230 DECT Dongle as an add-on for any Snom desk phone with USB port, you can now also use the Snom C52-SP with a Snom desk phone of your choice (as long as it has a USB port) and thus extend this desk phone with a convenient and versatile conference solution.
The Snom C52-SP comes with a rechargeable battery and, thanks to DECT transmission, is completely flexible as far as the location of the device is concerned. You only need the desk phone when you want to dial a number. You can also answer a call at any time on the Snom C52-SP.




  • When you buy the Snom A150 headset, it comes with the the Snom A230 is already included. You only need then only the Snom C52-SP.
  • And the Snom A230 DECT dongle can manage both devices at the same time. This means that you can not only pair the Snom A150 and the Snom C52-SP at the same time, you can also switch an ongoing call back and forth between the devices as often as you like by pressing the respective "Answer" button.




Setting up the mobile conference solution with your Snom desk phone is extremely simple. Depending on which constellation suits you more, i.e. whether you only want to connect the Snom C52-SP with your telephone or whether you also want to pair the Snom A150 headset, slightly different constellations results.


The Snom A230 DECT Dongle is able to control one headset type device (Snom A150) and one extension speaker type device (Snom C52-SP) at a time. So if you already own the Snom A150, the enclosed Snom A230 DECT dongle is already paired with the headset. Therefore, this solution also works directly after plugging the DECT dongle into the USB port of your Snom phone.
So if you also want to pair the Snom C52-SP, click on the following link.

Plug the Snom A230 DECT dongle into the USB port of your desk phone. Shown here using a Snom D785 as an example.


Now you need to pair the Snom C52-SP with the Snom A230 DECT dongle.


Once the Snom C52-SP is successfully paired, you can use it within a radius of about 25 metres. To answer a call, simply press the "Answer" button on the Snom C52-SP.


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