Snom Beacon Solution

The Snom localisation, tracking and alarm solution

With our DECT M-Series, we not only bring professional wireless DECT telephony to offices, warehouses or hospitals, our customers also benefit from the new Beacon technology, available for the first time at Snom. The handy and technically advanced solution enables a variety of new functions that can support our customers in their everyday business.

With the location gateway solution, Snom Beacon Solution, Snom offers a cost-effective, state-of-the-art solution to integrate professional live location and asset tracking as well as alarm systems** into any existing Snom DECT multi-cell system*. Consisting of the Beacon Gateway (Snom M9B) and the Beacon Tags (Snom M9T) in combination with the Snom M900 base, the solution can be used to track the location of individuals (e.g. in case of an alarm) or objects (e.g. in a warehouse) or to prevent secured devices from being stolen (theft protection).

*Snom M9B Beacon Gateways can only be operated with Snom M900 bases
**In many areas of application, such as alarm systems, third-party software is required

What are beacons?

When people talk about "beacons", they are usually referring to the small, physical tags that are about 2 euros in size. Technically, however, a beacon is just a signal based on Bluetooth radio technology, like a ping, which merely transmits its own unique recognition code. There are various standards that are used by a large number of devices with Bluetooth support.

The story of Snom's gateways and tags

The Snom M9B Beacon Gateway works as a Bluetooth satellite that is connected to a Snom M900 base via a DECT data connection. The beacon gateway itself can either transmit Bluetooth signals continuously (TX) to scan registered devices in its vicinity or react in receive mode (RX) to signals from approaching beacons. The 4 antennas integrated in the M9B enable precise live location of a Snom M9T beacon tag or registered handsets of the Snom M-Series, with Bluetooth support, thanks to beamforming in the near field range of 1-1.5 metres and report this information in real time to the nearest Snom M900 base. At the same time, the M9B is compatible with many Bluetooth beacons from well-known manufacturers such as iBeacon, AltBeacon or Eddystome..

The Snom M9T Beacon Tag can be attached anywhere thanks to its handy size and connects to the Snom M9B Gateway via Bluetooth LE*. The tag can be attached to any object you can think of. Its signals are detected by the Snom M9B and processed to determine its position. The Snom M9T uses Bluetooth LE and has a motion sensor. It therefore only activates when there is movement, which in turn helps to save power.

This way, a wide variety of scenarios can be mapped, from indoor navigation, theft protection, inventory management, tracking solutions and much more. On the one hand, the beacons are inexpensive to purchase, can be installed with minimal effort and consume hardly any power thanks to the BLE standard (Bluetooth Low Energy). In addition, beacons normally do not affect already existing infrastructures such as WLAN, DECT or mobile radio. Even medical devices remain undisturbed.

*Snom M9T Beacon Tags can only be operated with Snom M9B Beacon Gateways


Exemplary location gateway infrastructure


Application in companies

The handy and technically advanced Snom Beacon solution enables a wide range of new features that can support our customers in their everyday business.




  • Where is which pallet together with goods (e.g. type of wood) in a warehouse (Snom M9B, Snom M9T, Snom M900).
  • Where is medical equipment or inventory located in hospitals or also staff such as doctors (Snom M9B, Snom M9T, Snom M90, Snom M900).
  • Where are mobile devices, e.g. monitors or beamers in a hotel or event location (Snom M9B, Snom M9T, Snom M900).


  • Where mobile equipment or machines (e.g. forklift trucks) are located and move on a property, suitcase boxes at airports or containers at a port site (Snom M9B, Snom M9T, Snom M900).

Anti-theft protection

  • Send an alert when moving medical equipment or inventory in hospitals from defined areas (Snom M9B, Snom M9T, Snom M900).
  • Send an alert when moving mobile audiovisual equipment e.g. monitors or projectors in a hotel or event location from defined areas (Snom M9B, Snom M9T, Snom M900).

Alarm solutions

  • Sending a warning message only to the handsets that are in a certain area (Snom M9B, Snom M90, Snom M900).

  • Sending a warning message e.g. in case of alarm only to selected handsets (Snom M9B, Snom M90, Snom M900).

  • Alarm when individuals with a handset enter or leave defined areas (Snom M9B, Snom M65, Snom M70, Snom M80, Snom M85, Snom M90, Snom M900).

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